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Halloween Costumes 

Halloween Costumes are one of the great American treasures handed down through the generations. 

Halloween CostumesHalloween Costumes have been a popular item here for years. Why, we were doing Halloween Costumes before there was an Internet! Well, on our sister site, GetCalhoun.com anyway.

Halloween has gotten to be as big, if not bigger than Christmas these days, (In terms of money spent for costumes, parties, etc...not the religious aspect) but would you believe that the Halloween Costume craze really took off in the early part of the last century?

Halloween Victorians were all about making sure that they and their children had the latest fashions.

Of course, they had to make their costumes themselves or have them made. Nowadays, most people have so many delightful Halloween Costumes to choose from that they no longer have to bend over a sewing machine all day.

Halloween CostumesHint - If you have something in mind, simply use our Halloween Costume Search Engine at the top of the page. Or if you want to shop around, choose something below to start and you'll have access to hundreds upon hundreds of different Halloween Costumes and Halloween accessories to choose from! To the right you'll find the main category buttons. It's scary but Halloween fun!


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Halloween Costumes on HalloweenHome.net
By Norman Morrison

Halloween Costumes are an American tradition that goes back a long way and are the rage today.

In Halloween history, the Halloween costume and Halloween party rage seems to have really caught on after the year 1900 in the United States, building over the years.

Here at Halloween Home, which is a nifty name for a Halloween costume website, if I do say so myself, we sell on the finest costumes from the #1 Halloween costume website on the Internet. The name of that company is none other than BuyCostume, which implies that they sell more than Halloween costumes.

They say that their attention to detail and standards are the best in the business, and that would seem to be borne out by the fact that they are the largest and most used Halloween retailer on the net.

The beauty of shopping online for your Halloween costumes and Halloween theme is that you have soooo much diversity to choose from. It would be impossible to duplicate their sheer awesome Halloween costume power locally. Even if they had a brick and mortar store in Atlanta with all the thousands of costumes, how in the devil could they afford to have a clone in say, Schenectady? It would be well nigh impossorus!

When you order today, most likely you will wonder when your Halloween costume supplies purchase will roll across your doorstep. For rich folks, or folks who waited until the last possible second, you can get anything from one day service on up.

If you live outside the United States, say in Hornsbeck, Germany, it might take a little longer. For some countries, you can get your ghoulish uniform in as little as 3 days.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes Extra For Alabama
Spooky Alabama Halloween TriviaSpooky Halloween Alabama

1.Alabama was owned by the Indians for 10,000 years or so. Then one day some Spanish guys showed up, metal hat in one hand, wearing some really strange Halloween Costumes in 1519.
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Scary Alabama Halloween Ghost Story Serial Chapter 1

It floats! It floats!

A crowd of youngsters with a big boy in the center,whose-name by day was "Bully" sat crouched around the dying.embers of hearth fire in a big house on the hill where none-had dared to live because of '"ghosts."

"It floats." Again the strange old man with the. stoop shoulders and sharp, beady eyes who cared for the big, silent dwelling drove the shivers down the backs of the boys who had come to learn the truth on "spooks."

It was Halloween. The wind howled; the uncarpeted stairs creaked as if stealthy steps were falling on them. The shutters shook and the flickering fire made queer shadows on the bare walls.
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 Halloween Costumes Frightful Movie Break!
"Fangs of the Living Dead!"

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If you are really into Halloween, as you should be, it makes double sense to order early. It's not a matter of not being able to get what you want...It's more like getting in early for the coupons and making sure what you ordered is what you want. Just makes good sense. Even a goofy old brain eating zombie knows that!

So, what scares you? Frankenstein? The Wolfman? Madonna? You can be the scariest Madonna with a costume you can grab right off this website. Oh yes!

Some of my favorite costumes have to do with the prevailing political climate. You could go as President Obama and give away all your candy, or Algore, who is very scary all by himself. Then you could try on a Sarah Palin outfit and dress up one of your little friends as a bear and really put on a show for your evening bribe.

However, sometimes the tried and true Halloween costumes are the best. You could go as Snow White or one of the three bears that Sarah is chasing.

Do you see yourself as a fairy princess or a rancid blood sucking vampire? A fairy princess Halloween costume says a lot about your outlook on life. Did you know that tooth fairies get really ticked off when they slip into your room at night and can't find a tooth under the pillow? It's not good to fool a fairy. That's for sure. On the other hand, vampires are more forgiving. If you don't have enough blood for them to suck from your neck, some will offer to make a donation.

Halloween costumes have gotten to be very clever these days. They have to be, because of the competition they have on the science fiction and horror movies. Nobody wants to dress up like a monkey... They want TO BE the monkey! You would hate to go scare the neighbors and instead send them into laughing fits. Ouch! Much better to dress right and do a good job. It means more candy for you!

So, get in the mood, and get your nose close to the screen. Choose something you like from my pages, or even something you don't like. Whichever, as soon as you click, a whole universe of Halloween costume choices will open up to you. Go ahead. Try it. I dare you! Boo! Chicken!

Halloween Costumes Alabama  Halloween Costumes Birmingham, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Mobile, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Huntsville, Alabama

Halloween Costumes, Montgomery Alabama  Halloween Costumes Tuscaloosa, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes, Dothan Alabama  Halloween Costumes, Anniston, Alabama

Halloween Costumes Oxford, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Anniston, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Jacksonville, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Talladega, Alabama

Halloween Costumes Lineville, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Ohatchee, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Piedmont Alabama  Halloween Costumes Heflin Alabama

Halloween Costumes Alexander City, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Auburn Alabama 

 Halloween Costumes Arab Alabama  Halloween Costumes Bessemer, Alabama

Halloween Costumes Boaz, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Centre Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Childersburg,  Alabama  Halloween Costumes Calera, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Boaz, AL  Halloween Costumes Cullman, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Decatur Alabama  Halloween Costumes Demopolis, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Enterprise, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Eufala, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes  Halloween Costumes Florence, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Gadsden, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Goodwater, AL  Halloween Costumes Homewood, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Hueytown, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Jasper Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Madison, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Millbrook, Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Pell City, Alabama  Halloween Costumes Scottsboro Alabama 

Halloween Costumes Sheffield Alabama   Halloween Costumes Sylacauga Alabama  

Halloween Costumes Wedowee Alabama

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